DSCF9763Every wednesday (the third day of my visit to Fujii-Vets) the clinic is closed. This gave us the opportunity to spend some time to discover the interesting Tokio-area. I’m very lucky having Dr. Kochi Fujii being my guide. He arranged an awesome program.

Dr. Fujii is a remarkable colleague. Not only is he (as British people would say) in every inch a gentleman, he’s also very innovative, open for new ideas and easy to communicate with. But above all, he’s a very intelligent and educated man. Besides DVM, he’s also a MBA and a PhD.

He developed a new, successful operation on MPL (Medial Patella Luxation). Instead of deepening the trochlea, he changed the kneejoint by taking a v-shaped piece out, turning it 180 degrees and putting it back in place. In this was the trochlear rim becomes higher, preventing the patella luxating. He came up with the idea while cutting an apple. He cutted out a v-shape piece, turned it half and placed it back. Eureka! Maybe Koichi is de next person becoming famous due to an apple, after Isaac Newton, Robin Hood and Steve Jobs 😉

Besides his excellent professional competence, Koichi is a natural leader. You can tell when you observe him in his practice team. He’s a good listener, helps his colleagues in a nice, natural and emphatic way, but he’s not afraid being clear and strict on his juniors when needed. By the way, that only happened once while I was here. He’s leading his team in a very respectful , motivating and mindful way. Things can be learned from that!

Koichi is also a great sportsman by playing golf, cycling, competing in triathlons, skiing and the Japanese martial art of Kendo. But above all he has a sharp sense of humor and he’s good fun. We’ve been laughing quit a lot these passed days.

So we started our ‘Tokio-morning-tour’ early, by hopping on the train into the city center, where we would DSCF9719take the Hako-sightseeing bus. Tokio in morning rush-hour is a pretty intense experience for a European. Thousands of people going to work and trains so full you can barely breath. But everyone behaves very disciplined and everything is organized like a Seiko-watch. Unbelievable. No delays, no complaints, no graffiti, no vandalism, nothing going wrong.  Excelspeadsheetism!

After hopping on the bus we drove to Tokio Tower and enjoyed the beautiful view ofthis giant metropolis. Unfortunately it was a bit misty, so we couldn’t see Mount Fuji. Next stop was the Imperial palace, with its white walls and moats full of Koi carp. Then quickly to the Shino and Buddah shrines and temples in the north of the city.

In one of the temples I was invited to randomly draw a little wooden stick out of a box with hundred sticks, to determine my destiny. Guess what….I draw number 1, which stands for great luck, good health and long life. Lucky me!

With all this luck (and some souvenirs) in my backpack we went to Tokio Train Station, which is supposed to be a copy of the Amsterdam Central Station. From here we took the Shikansen (bulletspeedtrain 250 km/hour) back to Shin Yokohama to go by car to Karmakura, a religious place 45 minutes outside Tokio.

Also Madoka Mikumi, one of the other vets, joint us here. Together we visited the beautiful temples, Buddha-statues and famous Japanese gardens.  It was amazing to see this centuries old culture still be in place. Very inspiring!

We ended this fantastic day with a greatDSCF9783 dinner at the “Top of Yokohama”, a famous restaurant on the 40th floor of the Sheraton hotel. Spectacular views and superb foods, like tappanyakied Wagyu beef and other delicacies, combines with a great conversation. Today has been an overwhelming experience!

Still two days to come!


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