Third Day

Today is the third day of Merck Animal Health global veterinary exchange program at animal house animal hospital. Happiness is still the largest theme.

This morning I visited Globe University in Green Bay first, they have 3 years course of veterinary Globe-combinedtechnician. Although the school is not big enough, although students are not so many, but they are very professional. Students practice place is just like work at a real clinic, they don’t need to be a residency , because everything are the same. China vet school can learn a lot at this point.

Back to the animal hospital, I went straight to day care area. It is very curious to inspect the dog day care Animals-Combinedhow to run there. It is grand sight to see so many dogs are to kindergarten, not only peace to each other, but also these dogs work so well with only two girls. I did not hesitate to join the dog family, you can see how welcome they are! My roughly calculate there are at least 40-50 dogs. This is a wonderful place to the hospital management, through this way they bond more clients!

Then I and Dr Pat was invited to the mayor’s office to conversation, I aMayor-Combinedm honor to sat in the mayor’s office desk signed “important documents”, then we discusses how to solve the problem of dog outdoor activities places, because Green Bay government just prepared some special place within each park for the dogs . How populist policies! I heard from him that Green Bay and Chongqing will be sister city in the future!

After tYi Dong-Clinic-Vet Signhe meeting the mayor asked us at a sports themed restaurant for lunch! Then we visited a children’s activity center, a simulated animal hospital sponsored by animal house inside, this is also a way to educate client by animal hospital.

I went to Dr Pat home to experience American family life at night, although Christmas has passed, but it still have the Christmas atmosphere. In order to express to their warm welcome to me, all the family members are waiting for my coming .

Dr Pat’s wife and children personally prepared dinner for me , It is so delicious, I ate two plates. Two hours passed quickly, I was impressed that Americans really enjoy their family life!

Yi Dong-Family Photo

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