Overland Park, USA – Day 6

Time to return to Germany. Dr Pelfrey will pick me up and take me to the airport in 15 minutes for my flight to Germany and my return to business as usual.

I guess it is time for a recap. Let’s start with food. Many Europeans – and other people from over the world – believe that Americans eat hamburgers all day (and Germans wear Lederhosen, drink beer and eat Bratwurst all day). This has a week of culinary delights – starting with cooked-to-order omelettes in the hotel or french toast with Dr. Pelfrey (love it!). Lunch and dinner in various restaurants or cooked by the Pelfreys: Ribeye steaks, Mexican food, BBQ-sandwiches, Reuben’s, lasagna, and (highlight) Wagyu steaks grilled to perfection by Dr. Pelfrey. This is certainly not the fast food most visitors might expect. Glad I was matched up with a fellow foodie.

Distances are certainly different. At least in our area things are much more crowded, houses are smaller, properties are smaller, and things are just closer together. An hours drive from our practice will almost take us to France!

Virtually everyone I met was extremely friendly, all veterinarians, technicians and the clients, to whom I was introduced as a visiting specialist in ophthalmology and surgery (nice for my ego!)

The exchange program gave me the opportunity to look at a different culture (albeit one I grew up in 40 years ago), a different way of doing medicine, alternatives to organizing our practice and the daily work. I am returning with a lot of ideas and things to think about implementing and changing in our clinic. I am sure this is an ongoing process and I look forward to exchanging ideas with and learning more from Dr. Pelfrey when he comes to visit us and therefore improving the way we care for our clients and their pets.

Thank you MSD Animal Health (also known as Merck Animal Health in the USA and Canada) and your Nobivac Vet Exchange program for a memorable and positive experience and allowing me to make friends – I hope professionally as well as personally ! This is definitely a program worth continuing, allowing vets from all over the world to meet and exchange ideas. If offered the chance to do it again – YES!!! My bags will be packed momentarily.

I definitely look forward to having Dr. Pelfrey visit us in Wiesbaden, Germany and having the opportunity to show him the hospitality he showed me. Thank you Les!

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