Dr Pelfrey Travel Day

Well I made it. Had a delay but was able to catch my connection. Germany is a wonderful place and the scenery is stunning. We are located on the Rhine river and it looks like a post card. Had a wonderful lunch with Dr Kindler family and discovered we have a lot more in common then we thought. For example, our kids are all tech savvy and his wonderful daughters brought me up to speed on the special functions on my cell phone.  Our kids are totally wired in but it was refreshing to see that some things are still more important like ballroom dancing lessons, good work ethics, internships and time helping others.  All of which come from good parenting and strong family values. Who knows I may even improve my English during my visit.

Tomorrow looks to to be full of appointments.  We have cataract surgery scheduled along with many more ocular exams. During my stay I hope to spend sometime learning about eastern medicine and acupuncture. I have arranged for Companion Therapy Laser to ship me a laser unit to use here during my stay. We will also prepare several doses of PRP to use in treating corneal ulcers. All in all this looks to be a full and rewarding week.

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