Somebody’s watching me-Dinner in Japan

Having endured the longest flight of my life, I can say it wasn’t the worst experience. I was dreading the 13+ hours but I felt relatively good after landing in Nagoya. I had been prepping the week before to avoid jet lag, following a specific sleep schedule to help get adjusted to the new time zone. I think it worked pretty well because I’m up at my usual hour writing this post, and I didn’t feel like a zombie upon arrival. Kudos to for the suggested sleep schedule.

Japanese immigration and customs are extremely efficient, so obtaining my checked luggage was what took the longest time in the airport. I found Dr. Ohta’s son Rizo and his wife waiting for me right outside baggage claim and we were on our way to Inuyama by car.

We talked the whole ride to the hotel, covering our likes and dislikes for foods, American chain stores, hobbies, and previous travel histories. I also got a quick Japanese lesson so that I could introduce myself to Dr. Ohta properly.

I met Dr. Ohta and his wife at his hospital which was very busy. We talked briefly about the travel experience, and then we were off to dinner at a traditional  Japanese restaurant. The food was fabulous. My wife and son would have been so jealous as sushi is their favorite, and this was great sushi. Dr. Ohta’s practice manager met up with us later and we all had a good time. The warm sake was a highlight as well as my fish head.

Today I will be in the clinic. Can’t wait!

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