Back to Inuyama



George Sensei’s wife Junko, Mizuno, his wife Naomi, and Mizui were travel companions back to Nagoya. We made a stop at Miyajima island, home of the Itsukushima Shrine–a UNESCO world heritage site. The island is a bit touristy, but filled with natural beauty. We toured the temple and sat down for a quick snack of the largest steamed oysters I have ever experienced. Slightly sweet, very mild and truly delicious.


 We moved on shortly after our snack, trekking to a peak with a gondola ride taking us part of the way up. I know “breathtaking” is overused in travel logs, but it actually holds up when describing the view atop the island.
We made our way back down with a stop at a mountain-side restaurant serving cooked oysters in curry sauce. We took a few other rests to indulge the sweet tooth, including the famous maple pastry, along with roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes on vanilla ice cream.
Returning to sea level, we continued on the road and rail to Nagoya to meet up with George Sensei. Dinner was at a fried chicken joint. It was probably the strangest restaurant layout I’ve ever seen, each floor seating no more than 10 customers per level. Each had a very small bar, but food must have been delivered by a dumbwaiter because I can’t imagine having space to cook anywhere aside from the basement. The unusual layout was matched to the unusual fried chicken. Chicken necks and chewy chicken chunks were interesting, to say the least.

After dinner, we parted ways with Mizuno and Naomi, and retuned to Inuyama.

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