Dr. Ohta: Day 2 – Connecticut

Second day in Connecticut
1st December 2015

I came here, Connecticut in USA as a participant of Nobivac Global Vet Exchange Program by Merck Animal Health. Thank you Merck for having me here today. I’m excited for what is coming. What kind of experience can I have? What sort of friends can I meet? Even though it’s a very short stay,  I’d like to try hard and get a lot of knowledge as much as I can.



Dr Gary will take care of me during this week. He is a very good guy and has his own clinic. So I’d like to ask him about the clinic management.

This morning  Dr Gary picked me up early. He took me to the PEQUOT Museum that is the Indians culture museum. But it was open only for weekend in winter season, so unfortunately we couldn’t see inside. We went to see a Beluga in  the Aquarium. We had a fun time!

Thanks very much, Dr Gary.  See you tomorrow morning.

DSC_1077 DSC_1079 DSC_1076

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