Dr. Ohta: Day 5 – Connecticut

4 December 2015
DSC_0064I visited Dr Gary Gluck’s clinic, The Companion Veterinary Health Center this morning. He opened this clinic in October 2014. His team consists of 4 members, namely, the veterinarian  Dr Gary Gluck, the practice administer Nancy , the receptionist/vet tech Courney and Lesley. This is a general practice clinic. His mission statement is, “We  provide exceptional veterinary care, we educate our clients to be a part of their pets health care team, and we develop , grow and invest in our veterinary practice’s team to continually provide exceptional service. We believe in good communication not only with our team but with our clients as well”.
DSC_0067He is a young vet with a great philosophy. I wish him a great success!!!
Let me introduce his clinic a bit more. This is a rented store, but unlike Japanese rented store, the size is huge! 3200 square feet it is. I am attaching several pictures of it. The clinic is kept very clean and given a careful attention to make the work easy. You want your own clinic to be the same, the hope is universal. The method they use to neuter a wild cat was interesting!

DSC_0124Later today, a Merck staff, Sandra invited us for dinner. A good restaurant , it was a little bit like a high class Izakaya in Japan?
Sandra was very friendly but talked very fast I could understood 40% of what she said to be honest… but we had a fun time! Thank you for your great kindness, I hope to see you again.

Thank you so much!

DSC_0088  DSC_0127DSC_0081  DSC_0085

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