Day 1:Sunday Work day

Why wait, jump right in.  In Japan, most hospitals are open everyday.  I started on Sunday at noon and was introduced to one of the nicest staff I have ever met.  Very warm and full of smiles, they each introduced themselves to me and told me how long they had worked at the practice and what position they held.  In broken english, and my limited (if any) Japanese, we were able to make our intros, explain something about ourselves, and politely go back to work.  Never missing a beat, no drama, nothing but respect and courteousness.  Then it hit me.

Practices here have more Veterinarians than technicians.  Veterinarians go to school for 6 years and then join a practice to continue their studies after they graduate.  Veterinarians make a salary based on years after graduation and experience in certain special fields.  Respect is earned. Most days start at 7-8 and end at 8-9 pm.  Holidays (a day off), come once a week.  Vacations aren’t expected.  The animals are top priority.

Isn’t this how it should be? We will see how the day goes.




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