Day 2: Hamamatsu, Japan

As I get picked up this am by one of the young veterinarians from Kimata Animal Hospital, I am wisked through the streets in a car built opposite of ours, driving on the wrong side of the street, and in a city where buildings are tall and parking is very limited.  It reminds me of Chicago, Chinatown, and San Diego all wrapped into one city.  On the water, lots of people heading to work on foot, bikes, or cars, and picture signs everywhere.

Japan 144As I walk through the hospital, I feel amazed at the use of space and the cooperation of the staff working in such tight quarters all day, everyday. A lobby full of people, reception, three exam rooms, a full pharmacy, a full IDEXX lab, a CT machine in a back area, and a urine/fecal lab all on the first floor.  One flight up has a treatment area, cages and kennels, radiology, an ultrasound closet, surgery, laundry, isolation, another exam and consultation room and is the busiest place of all. Above that on the third floor has the lounge, changing rooms, and office. I feel very fortunate to have the space I have at my hospital, but it shows how much more I can do.

Experienced sushi restaurant tonight with a carousel that brings everything right to you at the table.  I need one of these at home!! Tried everything from fish to squid to Octopus, to Fish milt.  Not so sure on some but most was amazing.  Can’t say I didnt get my protein for the day.  Thumbs up to sushi.

20151206_202619  Japan 142


streets of Hamamatsu, Japan


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