Dr. Ohta: Day 6 – Connecticut

5th December 2015
Dr Jenna, Dr Gary’s wife, picked me up at the hotel by a huge Toyota truck. Then we went to Dr Gary’s house with an unbelievably big garden.DSC_0142

It almost looked like a farm with a wood and a pond. Jenna told me there were a variety of wild animals, for instance, deer, raccoons and wild turkeys… You can never see a private garden of this size in Japan. It is a true wonder of USA! How they can manage this huge land I will never knDSC_0129

The boy in attached photo is Gavin, he is a son of Dr Gary. He was my tour guide to show me his huge garden around. He was a very nice little guide, no wonder his parents had been so wonderful hosts to me.

We then visited a Buffalo ranch (which also you can never find in Japan) and the General Putnam’s statue.

Next we went to Newport for a little bit more sightseeing. There were many Mansions to look at, but my favourite were Beakers and the Marbele House. The gorgeous architecture took my breath away. These two buildings were representing Newport.

Finally we visited the church where John F Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline were married.

I enjoyed a lot of local historical & cultural attractions in the area. I am very grateful to Dr Gary and his family!!

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