Dr. Ohta: Final Day – Connecticut

6th December 2015

Dr Gary , Jenna ,Gavin and Merck staff Sandra shared my final day with me. It was a lovely day unlike winter. We went to The Mystic seaport and The Mohegan Sun, then to The Shantok Village of Uncas in the native Americans Sanctum. So many good things to look at !!!
DSC_1141First I could learn the local whaling history, and saw the changes Mystic seaport had come through.
Connecticut state has amazingly lot of things to offer, from the Mohegan sun Casino (where I had a delicious dinner) to a mysterious and sacred graveyard of native American Sanctum.
At this final blog, I would like to state that this journey meant a lot to me. It has been a while since last time I was inspired at such a level, feeling like a student again!

I would definitely utilize this amazing experience in my future career as a vet.

I am very thankful to Merck Animal Health – Nobivac Vet Exchange Program and Dr Gary.

I will not stop running at the full speed until I die, always thirsty for a new experience.

Thank you Conneticut, I’ll be leaving here tomorrow morning.

Look forward to meeting you again.

DSC_1149  DSC_1147  DSC_1144
Best regards,
George Ohta

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