All Bells, No Whistle ‘s

The day started with early surgeries. Our first patient of the day was a pet needing an elbow arthroscopic  exam. Xrays had revealed arthritis and a joint mouse. Following an arthroscopic exam, the joint was opened and the loose bone fragments removed.

Dr. Hutchinson does most of his surgeries as early as possible  in order to send them home in the afternoon. By avoiding overnight hospitalization, he maximizes the use of his hospital space and tech ( nurse) time. Nurses have less cages to clean in the morning and limited cages are not an issue. Patients and owners are happy to be at home. Attention is given to provide excellent pain  control.  In contrast, in our hospital,  we tend to hospitalize animals longer,  since space is not an issue and most orthopedic surgeries are done in the afternoon. Morning appointments are in higher demand and generally our afternoons are slower. Tim and his practice have adapted well to match their resources  to their clients needs.

After lunch, Tim gave me a tour of 2 of the nearby villages. He is a bell ringer in the village’s churches. We met the tower captain,  a very nice gentleman,  who gave us a look about the bell  and clock tower while he and Tim oiled the bells with castor oil.  If you ever wondered  how they kept regular,  now you know!! The clock was built in 1525. It has no face but calls out the time of day using the church bells. I was privileged to be in the clock and carillon  room at 12 noon and see  all the mechanisms in action!  It is  incredible that it still works although it does need some  more  castor oil as it was a little slow!  The bells were equally impressive,weighing 1/3 to a full ton. There are 6 bells in a tower built in the 14th  century  from stone and massive timbers  that still work . Tonight, I get to watch  as Tim and the other ringers practice  for Christmas.  They may even let me try!!!


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