Day 4: Japan

Today I slept in to the late hour of 6:30 am.  I think I am finally adjusted to the time difference of 14 hours, and I was enjoying the warmth of my bed when I decided to crawl into the shower and go find a hot cup of coffee downstairs at the hotel breakfast area.  Eggs, cereal, sausage, and hot coffee did the trick and I was off to run outside for some fresh air.  It was a beautiful morning and the air was crisp as I ran down the streets of Hamamatsu and it made me think that this place was not really very different from cities back home.  Same busy streets, lots of cars, and people all in a hurry to get somewhere.  But something is different.  Japan is a very safe country.  There wasn’t the police present on each corner or block and the people here are very polite and courteous even to foreigners. I wish people in the US and around the world would respect each other as much as seen here.  We would all live in a nicer world if that was the norm instead of the exception.

I was picked up today and was asked if I would give a presentation at a local veterinary technology school that has a great reputation for graduating some of the finest veterinary nurses in Japan, the Renaissance Academy of Pet World.  At this school, students learn to become pet care professionals including veterinary nursing, grooming, training, and animal marine care.  This was an exciting hour for me to see all the young smiling faces of the first and second year nursing students, and I was enjoying the time joking with them as I gave a short powerpoint presentation on my hospital and what veterinary medicine and technician life is like back in the states.  I hope that they all stay excited about this career path they have chosen.  I had a great time with them and their faculty and hope that some of them decide to come visit some day in Indiana.Rap school

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