Day 8: Last Day in China

FullSizeRender(9)Today was my last day before a long flight home.  Like every day on this incredible journey, it was packed full. I spent the morning at the Chengdu Zoo where I was treated to a behind the scenes tour.  Next we went to another Panda Research Center. I love learning about these beautiful creatures. I had to smile when I was told what pandas do during estrus. They are normally solitary animals but during estrus the female will climb high up in a tree.  Four or five males will gather below and knock each other down until one lucky male manages to climb to the top.  Sounded a bit like high school!


We spent the rest of the afternoon at the clinic and finally Dr.Qiu hosted a good-bye party at a hot pot restaurant.  I am so grateful to Dr.Qiu and his wife and all my wonderful new friends for being so generous and welcoming.  I am also very appreciative of MSD Animal Health for giving me one of the most memorable weeks of my life. Dr. Qiu told me, “A good person is worth more than one thousand cups, a bad one is not worth one half a word.”   I am lucky to have met so many good friends and I raise my glass to all of them and I hope to be able to see them all again one day.


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