What a great week! Dr. Hutchinson has been a great host and has shown what English hospitality truly is.  From his recommendation of lodging in a wonderful historical hotel to the great meals and one of a kind experiences (oiling the bells in the church bell tower),  I could not have  been happier.  Most of all, I saw a well managed practice. Tim and his practice team utilize their facilities  to accomplish excellent patient care. I saw lots of happy clients leaving with smiles on their faces and pets with a diagnosis and on the road to recovery.

During my time at Larkmead Vets, I saw Dr. Hutchinson perform both routine and difficult surgeries with expertise. I have absorbed much that I can take back and use in my practice. The staff was trained exceptionally well and was very professional in the performance of their respective duties. Attention was devoted to sterility and proper and pratical procedure  was followed in surgery.

There are many similarities in practice in the UK and the USA. Fleas and flea control are a constant challange. We both have clients who are high maintenance, clients who are fun, and clients who are challenging. Hours are long  and days are too short,and there is always more to do.  But the best similarity is the shared satisfaction of seeing a pet healing  and a client happy.

Some differences : pet insurance is much more prevalent in the UK.  Tim spends quiet a bit of time filling out the insurance forms required for payment. Pets are more socialized in the UK, probably due to more interactions with pets and people while exercising on the prevalent paths that cross the countryside.  Dr. Hutchinson’s English  client base is more affluent than the majority of my North Georgia client base. We spend much of our time diagnosing and treating heartworm disease and vaccinating for rabies. Neither disease is present in the UK.

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