Day1-Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital IN US

Dr. Kevin Cawood, hospital director, took me to his hospital from my hotel. The first experience could get started in the animal hospital in US.

In the hospital 3vets people,14 vet techs,several receptionist and accountant and good manager is working on individual schedule. The number of staff could be same as my practice but the size of ground and building are much different. It consists of a big parking lot for 30 cars and 3 floor building including the basement.

Regarding facilities, 1st floor is for just medicine, 2nd floor for the staff and the basement for wellness. Other entrance and desk has seen in the opposite side, the place consists trimming, rehab and training facilities, furthermore the radioactive area and MRI can be accessed.

But my most interesting point could be how all of stuff are working. All staff are distinguished to 5 categories, 1:kennel working, 2:receptionist, 3:junior assistant, 4:senior assistant, 5:junior registered vet tech, 6:senior vet tech. And the duty of each category is advocated on the inside wall staff area. They can go up the step then get more salary.

The jobs were well arranged, so doctors do just only diagnosis, surgery and prescription. The registered vet techs and assistants do anesthesia and wait for doctors. The many procedure and schedule list is put up everywhere and seen from everyone.

We need to learn such a managing system so the status and salary of veterinarian could be improved then they could get better work-life balance, furthermore it goes for not only vet people’s happy but also all stuff members.

I expected this point of view but was so surprised with real experience.image IMG_5082 IMG_5086 IMG_5057

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