Dr Cawood has guided me around the practice in the noon. Many churches and all from the marvelous big houses to the ordinary house have been seen. The house owned by the CEO of PIZZA HUT is so huge, how much acres is it? And fire department, police station, from elementary to high school are seen in the area of the practice, too. The location for animal hospital could not be more excellent. Otherwise, the number of hospital for human being are not many compared with that in Japan. But some big hospital that do the transplantation has been seen. We can see many church as same as the temple in Japan.

Afternoon he took me to some musical facility at Sweet Water selling the musical instruments, for instance guitar, bass, drums and microphone and training the musical skills. It could be collaborated YAMAHA corporation that has the headquarter in my town.

After that he drove a half hour to the factory of Zimmer corporation. The company guy has guided us to show the procedure of artificial prosthesis on knee and hip for human being. We are so surprised with the facility.

Some Merck Animal Health member, Mrs Cheryl Finch, who is the area manager of Indiana state has gone along us and had the lunch together. Then she guided me to the downtown of Fort Wayne. She is so positive, active and gentle woman, that I appreciate
very much.

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